4 things creators want brands to know

4 things creators want brands to know

In the ever evolving world of influencer marketing, the best results come from strong relationships between brands and creators. We have already offered some advice on creating successful relationships with influencers, but let's take a moment to address some specific issues you might not have thought about.

Four things creators want brands to know:

  1. Specify the final amount creators will get after taxes.
    If your brief says $100 but the creator actually gets $75 after taxes, that can be confusing. Be clear about how much creators will be getting in their bank account after. This helps to show you are serious about the partnership.

  2. Don't counter-negotiate with a much lower price.
    Negotiating is an expected and important part of the process. Keep in mind that negotiating for a price well below a creator's standard pricing can be insulting. The goal of negotiating is to find a middle ground where both parties are happy. If the creator insists on a price that is out of your range, it is better to move on.

  3. Don't spam creators.
    Do not spam creators repeatedly, especially if they are outside your niche. Most creators have a solid idea of the kinds of brands they want to work with. It isn't an insult if a creator doesn't want to work with you. They just don't see themselves as a good fit for your message. It is much better to move on instead of forcing the collaboration to happen.

  4. Label your payments.
    Creators sometimes work with multiple brands within a certain period of time. Be nice and label your payments to them to make it easier for them to track who the payment is from. It's just a nice thing to do.

How this fits into influencer marketing

Little things matter in relationship building. That's true with all types of relationships, including the ones between brands and creators. These tips are ways to show creators your brand is serious about working with them. They help make the collaboration process easier and increases the chances that creators will want to work with your brand.