Snapchat vs Instagram: Mysocial Predicts

Snapchat vs Instagram: Mysocial Predicts

The world of social media is on fire with the battle between Instagram and Snapchat. 

When it first launched, Snapchat had something the public had never been seen before. Since then the company has turned the idea of disappearing pictures into something bigger. But fast forward a few years and they are now facing strong competition from Instagram. Mysocial CEO Mustafa Alfredji sat down to share his thoughts about the rivalry between these two social media powerhouses. 

What is the future for Snapchat?

Everyone wants to know who is winning. Mustafa's answer is simple,"Snapchat is losing the battle, but maybe have not lost the war." So there is still hope for them to come out on top, but there are two things that need to happen first. "Snapchat needs to be more creator friendly and [should] allow third parties to develop applications around the Snapchat ecosystem," says Mustafa.

Despite the big changes Snapchat made recently to its platform, these two things are more important than ever for its survival. Without these, Mustafa predicts people will continue to move away from the platform. "Over and over again, [they] have proven that they are not capable of building the ecosystem that is necessary to actually win in a social network battle with major brands like YouTube and Facebook."

Boosting its creators within the platform and opening its APIs to give developers more access are the foundation for a successful future for Snapchat. The question now is, will they listen?

Watch the full episode of "Musti Predicts" to see what Mustafa had to say about what to expect next from Instagram.