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The worlds largest network for creators

Mysocial is where todays online creators, influencers and artists connect and collaborate with each other. They have a massive impact on what your customers  consumes and engage with.

Your business should be part of that conversation.

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Targeted advertising towards
your key influencers

Capture the attention of the wolds most influential people.
Influencer outreach have never been easier.


Communicate your creative message through text, image, video and links in feed.


Strike a balance between finding a great influencer for a brand deal, and finding them fast.

Location Deal

Attract local influencers to your physical stores with a location-based deal.

Pay as you go

Control your investment by setting a daily budget, a total budget, and maximum bids. You can start and stop your ads at any time.

Flexible spend

Set a daily budget to easily control your spend and automatically pause your ad when it reaches your total budget

Only pay for results

Dynamic pricing is based on the creators you're reaching, so you always pay the market rate, not a marked-up fixed fee


Use forecasting and recommendations to make the right decisions

Make business happen.
Monetize your reach.

Get access to brand deals and connect with businesses who would love to collaborate with you.

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Reach the worlds most influential people

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