April 21, 2020

Mysocial recruits Kristian Korlevski as Head of Business

To manage the increased demand from businesses Mysocial appoints Kristian Korlevski, the CEO of the influencer marketing agency Winfluence as Head of Business.

“It’s very exciting to see more and more businesses build long-term relationships with their key influencers on Mysocial. We believe that Kristian, thanks to his great experience in the influencer industry will be able to help us amplify our value proposition towards businesses” says CEO and Co-founder Mustafa Alfredji

Kristian Korlevski started his career as an influencer, acting as the face in marketing campaigns for big brands like Armani, Versace and Cavalli. After acquainting himself with the business he leveraged his expertise to start the influencer agency Winfluence which established itself as one of the most prominent agencies in scandinavia.

“I decided to join Mysocial because I believe that in order to take the influencer industry to the next level, we need to empower relationships and seamless collaborations between all parties in the industry without acting like a middleman. Mysocial is definitely on the right path and got all the possibilities to disrupt the industry.” says Kristian Korlevski

The new hiring of Kristian Korlevski will enable Mysocial to deliver more strategic value adds to brands, agencies, managers and agents.

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Mustafa Alfredji