June 16, 2021

Mysocial’s network for creators to reach 2.3 billion monthly views in June

Being different in a booming creator economy have allowed Mysocial to propel to new heights. Thousands of content creators from all over the world have joined the app to grow their followers on social media, increase their engagement and make more money. Mysocial now reach out to 2.3 billion monthly views.

“I’m very happy to see success stories and case studies about how some of our creators went from growing with 500 new followers per month, to 4000 new followers per month because they started using our products, it puts a smile on my face ” says Mustafa Alfredji, CEO of Mysocial

Mysocial is also seeing significant growth in bigger key markets like France, United States and United Kingdom. 

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Kristian Korlevski