June 1, 2024

The Ultimate UGC Creator Strategy: From Zero to $1M

The Ultimate UGC Creator Strategy: From Zero to $1M

Picture this: It’s 2024, and you’re scrolling through your social media feed, dreaming of the day you can make a living off your creativity. But then you hear the whispers—"It's too late to get into UGC; the market is oversaturated." Sound familiar? Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s not too late to dive into the world of User Generated Content (UGC) and make it big. In fact, with the right strategy, you can hit seven figures, even starting from scratch.

Since I started traveling full-time, I’ve seen a surge in brand outreach, ranging from small startups to well-established corporations. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the exact steps you need to take to achieve a seven-figure income with UGC in 2024. Buckle up; it’s time to turn that dream into a reality.

The $1M UGC Strategy

1. Work Backwards: Breaking Down the $1 Million Goal

When aiming for a seven-figure income, the key is to break down the daunting $1 million figure into smaller, more manageable steps. Here’s how:

  • Annual Goal: $1,000,000
  • Monthly Goal: $84,000
  • Weekly Goal: $21,000
  • Daily Goal: $3,000

By breaking it down, you can create a more realistic and actionable plan. It might seem impossible at first, but this approach makes it feasible. If you aim to make $3,000 per day, you can strategize how many projects or packages you need to sell to meet that goal.

2. Create an MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

In the world of UGC, you’re not just selling content; you’re selling a service. Think of it as a product that needs to be irresistible to brands.

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating an MVP:

Identify Your Niche:

  • Focus on a specific industry or type of content that you excel in.
  • Research the market demand for your niche and identify potential clients.

Define Your Value Proposition:

  • Clearly articulate what makes your UGC unique and valuable.
  • Highlight the benefits and outcomes brands can expect from using your content.

Develop a Portfolio:

  • Create a small sample of high-quality content that showcases your skills.
  • Use this portfolio to attract your first clients and gather testimonials.

Set Competitive Pricing:

  • Research the pricing strategies of competitors in your niche.
  • Start with competitive rates to attract initial clients and build your reputation.

Leverage Social Proof:

  • Collect testimonials and case studies from early clients to build credibility.
  • Use these endorsements in your marketing materials to attract more clients.

Optimize Your Sales Funnel:

  • Create a clear and straightforward process for clients to inquire about your services, place orders, and receive content.
  • Use a combination of website, email marketing, and social media to guide clients through your sales funnel.

Iterate and Improve:

  • Continuously gather feedback from clients to improve your services.
  • Stay updated on industry trends and adjust your offerings to meet evolving client needs.

For example, instead of saying, "I'll create content for you," you could say, "I'll create three high-quality, engaging videos tailored to your brand’s target audience each week."

3. Find Your Niche

Identifying a niche is crucial. This allows you to become a specialist rather than a generalist, which can significantly increase your value to brands.

How to Find Your Niche:

  • Identify High-Demand Industries: Look for industries that need content and have the budget to pay for it. Examples include SAS companies, real estate, and commercial properties.
  • Leverage Unique Skills: If you have a unique skill or background, use it to your advantage. For instance, being bilingual in English and Spanish can be a huge asset in markets like South Florida.
  • Avoid Oversaturated Markets: Focus on industries where the competition is low but the demand is high.

4. Offer Packages

Instead of selling one-off content pieces, offer packages. This not only increases your income but also ensures a steady stream of work.

Examples of Packages:

  • $1,000 per Video: To make $21,000 a week, you’d need to create 21 videos.
  • $10,000 per Package: Offer comprehensive packages that include multiple pieces of content. This way, you only need to land two clients a week.
  • $5,000 per Package: If $10,000 seems too high initially, start with smaller packages. You’d need to work with 16 brands to hit your monthly goal.

5. Hire Help

As your workload increases, it becomes essential to hire help to maintain quality and meet deadlines.

Roles to Consider Hiring:

  1. Outreach and Communication Specialist:
    • Handles client communication and outreach.
    • Ensures that inquiries and client requests are promptly addressed.
  2. Video Editors:
    • Ensures high-quality production of your UGC content.
    • Takes care of the technical aspects of video creation, allowing you to focus on strategy and creativity.
  3. Scriptwriters:
    • Crafts engaging and effective scripts for your videos.
    • Ensures that the content is well-structured and resonates with the target audience.
  4. Project Managers:
    • Coordinates between different team members and keeps projects on track.
    • Manages deadlines, resources, and ensures smooth project execution.

By hiring the right team, you can scale your business effectively while maintaining the quality of your UGC services. This allows you to focus on high-level strategy and business growth while your team handles the operational aspects.

6. Adopt a Money Mindset

Charging high ticket prices requires a strong money mindset. Overcoming limiting beliefs around money can make a huge difference in your success.

Strategies to Adopt a Money Mindset:

  1. Acknowledge and Challenge Limiting Beliefs:
    • Identify any negative beliefs you have about money (e.g., “I don’t deserve to make a lot of money”).
    • Challenge these beliefs by replacing them with positive affirmations (e.g., “I provide valuable services that deserve fair compensation”).
  2. Educate Yourself About Wealth:
    • Read books, listen to podcasts, and take courses on personal finance and wealth-building.
    • Understanding money and how it works can help you feel more confident in charging what you’re worth.
  3. Surround Yourself with Success:
    • Network with successful entrepreneurs and individuals who have a positive relationship with money.
    • Learn from their experiences and adopt their mindset and habits.
  4. Set Clear Financial Goals:
    • Define specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) financial goals.
    • Break these goals down into smaller, actionable steps to make them more attainable.
  5. Practice Gratitude:
    • Regularly reflect on and appreciate the money and success you already have.
    • Gratitude can help shift your focus from scarcity to abundance.
  6. Invest in Yourself:
    • Allocate resources towards personal and professional development.
    • The more skills and knowledge you acquire, the more value you can provide and the higher rates you can command.

By adopting a money mindset, you’ll be better equipped to charge what you’re worth, attract high-paying clients, and ultimately achieve your financial goals. This mindset shift is crucial in building a successful and sustainable seven-figure UGC business.


Q: Is it really possible to start from zero and hit seven figures in 2024?

A: Absolutely! With the right strategy, mindset, and hard work, it's entirely possible. The key is to break down your goals, offer valuable services, and continuously improve your craft.

Q: How do I find clients as a beginner?

A: Start by leveraging your network and social media. Join industry-specific groups, attend virtual networking events, and don't hesitate to reach out to potential clients directly.

Q: What if I can't afford to hire help initially?

A: Start small and reinvest your earnings into hiring help. You can also consider freelance platforms to find affordable assistance.

Q: How do I determine the right pricing for my services?

A: Research your industry standards and consider the value you’re providing. Don’t undervalue your work; remember, quality content can significantly impact a brand’s success.


The journey to a seven-figure UGC income in 2024 is not only possible but also incredibly rewarding. By breaking down your goals, creating irresistible offers, finding your niche, offering packages, hiring help, and adopting a money mindset, you can turn your passion into a lucrative career.

UGC is here to stay, and brands need authentic, high-quality content now more than ever. So, take the plunge, follow this strategy, and make 2024 the year you hit seven figures. Let’s make it happen!

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Happy creating! 🚀