Smarter links to
social media

Increase your engagement, followers and revenue with deeplinks that open your pages right inside of the social media app.

Social Media Deeplinks

What can smartlink
do for you?

Grow your engagement, followers and overall revenue with deep links to social media.

8x higher engagement when linking to your social media

Easily create deep links that go right to your page in the social media apps to maximize engagement from traffic.

Social Media Deeplinks

Convert your traffic to new social media followers

Your followers will land right to your social pages inside the YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok app making it very easy for them to follow you across all your social media.

convert traffic to social media followers with deeplinks

800%+ more YouTube ad revenue, from external traffic.

Today when your followers open your latest YouTube video from Instagram they don't see any ads. By using smartlinks to promote your latest YouTube videos your followers will end up directly in the YouTube app allowing you to maximize ad revenue.

Grow your youtube revenue with deeplinks

Track every click.
Measure impact.

Smartlink comes with an easy to understand dashboard to better measure the clicks delivered to your social media click

Track the clicks you get on your deeplinks

How it works

Open the Smartlink extension

You can find the smartlink extension directly in your profile.

Paste in the social media link you want to create a smartlink for.

We offer deep links for YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitch, Facebook, Twitter,

Copy the smartlink and publish it anywhere

Now whenever someone clicks on your link, they will get deep linked to your page directly in the social media app.

What the social media industry is saying Smartlink

From mega influencers to local brands, people love to create social media deeplinks with Smartlink.

Sherins Beauty
Beauty YouTuber with 3.4M subscribers

"Swipe-up links from Instagram to my latest YouTube video now opens the video directly in the YouTube app. This allows my audience to comment and like the video seamlessly"

Don V
Artist with 345K followers

"Before SmartLink it was extremely hard to send my snapchat fans over to instagram. Now with a simple swipeup link, the viewer ends up directly on my page on Instagram."