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Your influencer CV.

A mediakit is like your influencer CV. It's an essential part of every sponsorship opprtunity you get. Mysocial Mediakit make it easy to highlight yourself in the best light.

Analytics updates every day.

We update the data for your YouTube, Instagram and TikTok channels everyday to ensure that you always can present the latest information to your brand partners.

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Never update an old PDF again.

With a influencer Mediakit that updates your social media analytics everyday, you'll never have to spend time on updating your metrics ever again.

Highlight your best social media work.

Showcase and organize your favourite social media work. Make it easy for anyone to understand what makes you great.

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Whenever a sponsor wants to see your social media kit. Just send them your personal link.

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Mustafa Alfredji
Content creator with 150K+ followers

"Finally a Mediakit that updates my numbers automatically. It saves me so much time!"

Influencer Marketing Agency

"We always ask our influencers to send a Mediakit before choosing to work with them. With Mysocial, we know with 100% certainty that the numbers is not tampered with."