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We built iMagic with creators in mind.

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You don't have to be an AI whispering prompt engineer, iMagic gets you from a simple prompt.

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No matter if it’s a vertical pinterest pin or a horizontal website hero image. iMagic got you covered.

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types of creators

Our AI is trained on a vast number of use-cases to produce highly quality visuals no matter your use-case.

Full creative control with hundreds of styles to select from

Influence the output by selecting camera perspective, lighting, color palettes, mood and much more.

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From up and coming artists to mega influencers. Creators trust Mysocial to build their business on social media.

Ida Warg

Content Creator
480K Fans


HipHop Artist
221K Fans

Antonio Pican

1.8M fans

NTK Life

Supermoto artist
178K fans


117K fans


Lifestyle influencer
2.4M fans