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Measure YouTube influencer marketing ROI in Realtime

Get realtime analytics for YouTube influencer marketing campaigns and share reports with your team.

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You're in very good hands

From enterprises with off-the-charts growth to local  agencies, marketers love TubeView


The first of it's kind

Watch the film

Watch the film

Use Cases

Identify fake influencers


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Benefits of TubeView

We built the world best analytics tool for YouTube to help you improve productivity, increase sales and take your YouTube influencer marketing to the next level.

Never miss a piece of data. Reports update every day.

We update the data for your YouTube videos everyday to ensure that you get the latest analytics.

Get a campaign overview.
Add multiple videos.

Get an overview of how all your sponsored YouTube videos is performing in your latest campaign. Easily understand which videos performed the best.

Save very valuable time. 6-10 hours per campaign.

Save time when reporting back on your YouTube influencer marketing. With a simple click you are able to send a link to the report that updates in realtime.

Collaborate seamlessly.
Share report with others.

With a simple click you are able to send a link to the report that updates  the analytics data in realtime.

Understand why videos perform

Dive deep in campaign level and video level analytics to get a better understanding of what makes your audience tick or click away.

Maximize bottomline ROI

With your new found knowledge you'll better  optimize  influencer marketing campaigns for better ROI in the future.

Make your
partners happy

Make it easy for your partners to see the impact your YouTube influencer marketing  are having on their overall marketing.

With great data comes greater YouTube influencer marketing ROI

Case Study

Here is an example of when TubeView worked wonders for one of our customers


Create a TubeView report for the launch campaign of Domino’s Pizza in Sweden


+6 hours saved in reporting

+280% of views came after ”Campaign has ended”

Seamless collaboration between ad-agency, media agency and customer

Top 20% best performing creators got rebooked