June 12, 2018

Top 10 trending Swedish Instagram accounts right now

Top 10 trending Swedish Instagram accounts right now

One of the coolest things about working with influencer marketing software is we get to see how and when creators grow on platforms like Instagram. Thanks to our pretty awesome database of influencers, we get behind-the-scenes and see who is making the biggest splash right now, and who to look out for.

Here are the top 10 fastest growing Instagram accounts in Sweden over the last 30 days*:

  1. @prinsparet - Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia
    The royal couple's official account acquired 71.5 thousand new followers over the last 30 days. Maybe all those cute pictures of their children helped?

  2. @margauxdietz - Margaux Dietz
    Margaux is on a roll lately. She was in Let's Dance 2018, and now she has 21.3 thousand more followers than she did 30 days ago.

  3. @amandakniberg - Amanda Kniberg
    The Ex on the Beach star added 19.9 thousand new followers, bringing her total follower count to 65.8 thousand. That means we will be seeing more from her.

  4. @johannanordstrm - Johanna Nordström
    Johanna isn't shy about her comedy on Instagram. Her sense of humor is one of many reasons why she is powering her way up the charts. She added 17 thousand new followers and we get why. We spent some time laughing at her posts while writing this list.

  5. @karlbergmy - My Karlberg
    My is another Ex on the Beach star that is drawing some big attention lately. Attention in the form of 16.8 thousand new followers.

  6. @johannesleonidas - Johannes Leonidas Ulmefors
    Another 16.3 thousand people are following Johannes this month. He's a model, singer, and 3-time star of Ex on the Beach.

  7. @lucas_simonsson - Lucas Simonsson
    This social media star added another 14 thousand followers to his Instagram account in the last month. That is on top of the half a million people that already follow him.

  8. @suzi.pancenkov - Suzi Pancenkov
    Don't snooze on Suzi! She's getting bigger and bigger with another 13.7 thousand followers watching her rise to the top.

  9. @sebastiiantristan - Sebastian Tristan
    And it's another Ex on the Beach! 13.7 thousand more people are following Sebastian's every post on Instagram.

  10. @dianababan - Diana Baban
    Diana is another...wait for it...Ex on the Beach star! 12.9 thousand people decided they liked her enough from the show to click follow over the last month.

*data accurate as of 11 June, 2018

The real royals of Instagram

Prince Carl Philip, Princess Sofia and their two children. Instagram: @prinsparet

Although real royalty topped this list, the kings and queens of Instagram are the cast of Ex on the Beach. The "exes" are the hottest trending profiles on Instagram and that doesn't show any signs of slowing down for now. That isn't really a surprise since they are after all on one of the most talked about shows on television.

This list used influencer profile data gathered from Mysocial Pro. Want to check out Pro for yourself? Sign up for a 14-day free trial.