March 4, 2022

Top 10 Must-have Influencers Tools

Top 10 Must-have Influencers Tools

As an influencer, you need all the tools that can help you achieve a solid social media presence. In this post, we will be showing you the best apps you can get to impress your followers & increase your income no matter what social media platform you’re active in.

  1.  Mysocial

Mysocial is the best all-in-one tool for all influencers to instantly monetize and grow their social media presence with the touch of a button. This amazing app allows you to get monetized, find sponsors to give you brand deals, and it also allows you to find other influencers that you can work and grow with!

Additionally, Mysocial allows you to build your own self-updating social media mediakit & send it to sponsors without worrying about any double-checking.

Mysocial has all of these amazing features:

  • Matchmaking: It’s like tinder but only for influencers. You can discover new like-minded influencers to collaborate and work with interactively. The more creators you swipe through, the better the recommendations you will get in the future, the bigger you’d get on social media.
  • Smartlink: This important feature allows you to easily increase your engagement, followers, and gain monetization with deeplinks that open your pages right inside of the social media app instead of the browser.

  • BrandOutreach: BrandOutreach offers you access to the largest sponsors database on the internet; with over 3000+ different brands across all niches and regions, you can contact and get yourself a sponsor easily.

  • MediaKit: Another amazing influencers tool that allows you to build your very own social media CV that you can send to potential sponsors to land more brand deals, and grow your page even further.
    The Mysocial MediaKit is also the only self-updating mediakit in the market, which makes it an even better choice for you than anything else.

  • TubeView: This is the ideal tool for YouTubers that want to share YouTube analytics reports with the brands, sponsors, and agencies they want to collaborate with. You can also rely on it to study your audience behavior & learn how to improve your videos and increase engagement in the future.
Mysocial App is the best tool for influencers
  1. InShot

InShot is the best mobile video editing tool for influencers on the market.

This tool is a powerful all-in-one video editor and video maker with a lot of professional features. You can use it to add music, transition effects, text, emojis, slow-motion… to your videos.

These features make InShot the perfect app for you to record and edit the perfect videos for your audience.

InShot can also edit photos and make great pictures and selfies for your stories for Instagram.

Upon its main video editing features we find:

  • Keyframes: This feature allows you to add keyframe animations to text, stickers, and picture-in-picture.

  • Picture-in-Picture (PIP): This feature allows you to add video and photo layers above your video to make video collages simply.

  • Chroma key: you can use this tool to remove the selected colors. You can use this tool to create green-screen-type videos.

  • Mixtures: You can use this feature to blend your video with blend mode.

  • Color picker: you can use this feature to pick any color on the screen and apply it to the background of your video!

The app can leave its watermark if you want to keep it and help them get more users. But if you don’t, you can simply click the cross mark on the watermark bingo! The watermark’s gone for good!

  1. VSCO

VSCO has become one of the trendiest tools for creating beautiful photos on the go. VSCO is a photo-editing platform and a social media network at the same time, which makes it one of the best Instagram tools for influencers.

VSCO has an in-depth editing suite and a big collection of high-quality filters that can take your photos to a new level for your audience. There’s also a huge library of filters that comes with their premium package, giving you endless options for customizing your photos and setting them apart from the rest, for a price of course!

  1. Afterlight

Afterlight is another great photo-editing tool that offers you dozens of filters, textures, and frames… giving you lots of different options for perfecting your shots before posting them.

You can create and save your very own filters and work with multiple image formats. Afterlight also includes typography tools to help your images stand out.

With its straightforward user interface design, Afterlight is an easy-to-use & must-have tool for making your Instagram photos unique.

  1. Canva

Canva is an app you can use to make very unique images and videos for your fans, whether it’s in your Instagram feed or your Stories.

You can use it to insert text, create multi-image layouts, and pull in a wide range of different graphics to make your posts unique and grab your followers’ attention.

It’s especially useful for creating Instagram Stories that stand out. And if you stick to a few consistent image formats and fonts, you can always be sure that your followers will always recognize your unique and well-crafted content!

Personal branding at ease!

  1. Later

Later is a social media scheduling platform that comes with a collection of features for planning out your campaigns, including the ability to explore hashtags and share user-generated content.

Later lets you organize your posts using a content calendar to get yourself a preview of your Instagram feed before publishing, making it simple to visualize exactly how your Instagram strategy will go down.

It also offers saved captions, which is handy when you are executing your Instagram hashtag strategy.

It can save lists of similar hashtags together so you never need to keep track of them or resort to reusing your most effective tactics to increase engagement on your posts.

  1. AutoHash

This tool allows you to easily find relevant hashtags for your Instagram posts. It uses AI to recognize the objects in your photos and provides you with the trendiest & relevant hashtags to use based on those objects. 

It also has a feature that counts the hashtags for you so you don’t go over the 30-hashtag limit. And you can also save your favorite hashtags in the app.

When you’re ready to post, AutoHash will save your selected hashtags to your clipboard. So, all you have to do is paste them into your image description or the comment section.

  1. Display Purpose

Display Purposes is a great Instagram tool for influencers that gives you a bit more control over the hashtags you select for your posts. All you have to do is pick a keyword or an existing hashtag and it will recommend additional trendy hashtags to use on your post. It's a very convenient tool to help get you more Instagram followers in your niche.

You can easily increase or decrease the number of hashtags you want to include, and it will fill in your hashtags accordingly. If you want to do it manually, you can also switch to manual selection and choose from a list that displays each hashtag according to its relevance and popularity.

  1. DrumUp

DrumUp is a social media management and content curation app for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

You can use it to discover relevant content you can share. You can also use it to schedule when to drop some content on your social media accounts.

DrumUp can automatically take care of the majority of your social media management, to help you save up the majority of your time.

It includes features like hashtags and @mention recommendations, GIFS, and suitable emojis for your posts. It also includes a URL shortening feature that helps you improve your post readability.

  1.  InstaQuote

InstaQuote is a great Instagram tool for influencers to add text to photos and pictures.

Pictures containing relevant text messages are very trendy and shareable! Therefore, having a tool that helps you craft the best captions is essential if you want to grow your Instagram presence.

InstaQuote provides you also with a range of templates, backgrounds, fonts, and visual effects to help you make that perfect Instagram image and deliver your message to your audience.

To conclude

Growing your social media presence is a goal you need to achieve if you want to become a successful influencer in this very saturated scene. This is why you need to use as many automation tools as possible to help you craft your path to a profitable and worthwhile career as an influencer.

We hope that this article and Mysocial have helped you find your way to success in this industry.