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Benefits of TubeView

We built the world best analytics tool for YouTube to help you improve productivity, increase sales and take your YouTube influencer marketing to the next level.

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No more screenshots or PDF's.
Send youtube analytics in realtime.

We update the data for your YouTube videos everyday to ensure that you get the latest analytics.

Save very valuable time.
It takes 30 seconds.

Save time when reporting back on your YouTube influencer marketing. Simply choose the videos you want to create an analytics report for, we'll give you a report back directly.

Collaborate seamlessly.
Share report with others.

Share your youtube analytics report with your sponsors and collaborators.

Create social media reports

Get a campaign overview.
Add multiple videos.

Get an overview of how all your sponsored YouTube videos is performing in your latest campaign. Easily understand which videos performed the best.

How it works

Open the TubeView extension

You can find the TubeView extension in your profile page

Choose the videos you would like to create a report for

After you've validated your YouTube channel, you will be able to choose which of your videos to include in a report

Share report with your sponsor through a link

We provide you with a sharable link that you can share with anyone. People who have access to the link will be able to see the youtube analytics report.

What the social media industry is saying about TubeView

From mega influencers to local brands, people love TubeView

Kristian Korlevski
Founder of Winfluence

"Before TubeView, creators were sending us screenshots of their analytics. Now we get access to the analytics data of the sponsored content in realtime."

Artist with 60K subscribers

"I love the fact that it takes 30 seconds to create and share a report with a brand partner. Big thumbs up."