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Benefits of Media kit

We built the world best social media kit for influencers to help you improve productivity, increase sales and take your influencer career to the next level.

Never miss a piece of data. Mediakit analytics updates every day.

We update the data for your YouTube, Instagram and TikTok channels everyday to ensure that you always can present the latest information to your brand partners.

Highlight your favorite brand collaborations.

Showcase and organize your favourite social media work. Make it easy for anyone to understand what makes you great.

Forget about outdated PDFs. Save time.

With a mediakit that updates your social media analytics everyday, you´ll never have to spend time on updating your metrics ever agian.

Collaborate seamlessly.
Share media kit with others.

With a simple click you are able to send a link to your influencer mediakit that updates  the analytics data in realtime.

Understand what makes brands tick

Get information on how many people visited your mediakit. And which metrics that they spent the most time analyzing.

Maximize Revenue

Having a professional influencer media kit that you can share with brands will increase your chance of striking a brand deal with 200%.

Make it easy for brands to choose you

Showing how influential you are in an easy to understand way, will make the decision of working with you easy and justifiable.