April 26, 2018

4 reasons micro influencers are perfect for your marketing strategy

4 reasons micro influencers are perfect for your marketing strategy

We love micro influencers so much that we have already shown you how to run a micro influencer campaign. Since we talked about the "how" it is time to get into the "why". 

Why is influencer marketing effective? Here are 4 answers to that question.

1. Micro influencers have engaged followers

Influencers with less than 100,000 followers have a much higher engagement rate than bigger creators. In fact, engagement rates for these creators can be up to five times higher than big names on social media. 

Smaller audiences mean creators can invest more time connecting with their followers. This translates to a more engaged and loyal follower base.

2. Small creators talk to specific groups

Do you want to position your brand to speak to a specific group of people? Instead of having a large audience with a wide range of demographics and interests, micro influencers tend to be more specialized about the topics they cover. This is great for brands looking to target customers more accurately. 

Create deeper connections to your target audience by finding the smaller influencers that speak to them directly.

3. Micro influencers have better reach

There is already significant evidence showing influencer marketing solves many issues currently faced by marketers. One particular issue that brands continue to deal with are the constantly shifting algorithm changes on social media platforms. Influencers with between 5,000 and 250,000 followers are responsible for about 70% of all reach in the influencer landscape. 

So what is the bottom-line? Thanks to highly engaged follower bases, small creators have the ability to actually appear in front of the right eyes, giving brands the access they need.

4. Micro influencers are cost-effective

Everything we said above comes down to this one big point: micro influencer marketing is a more cost-effective approach for brands. This is especially true for brands that need to maximize ROI on a smaller budget. 

Smaller creators offer more targeted influencer marketing opportunities, creating more engaged followers, that building reach and visibility for brands.