November 28, 2017

How to run a micro-influencer marketing campaign

How to run a micro-influencer marketing campaign

Size doesn't matter. Audience size, that is. It would be a mistake to ignore influencers with smaller audiences to focus on the big names on social media. With proper planning micro-influencers can be very effective in marketing campaigns with the right brands.

Tell a story

One of the most important things is that you work together to create a coherent story for the audience to follow. Posting one or two pictures isn't enough. You should focus on telling a story that will convert more of the audience into believers of your product. Honest storytelling is easier to do when you work with someone who has an honest experience with your brand to share. Which brings us to the next point.

Legitimate brand advocates

When working with smaller influencers, it helps to have people who have a legitimate experience with your product. Look for influencers that have already talked about your product who can turn that into an honest discussion with their followers. This helps to build the authenticity of your campaign. The more authentic a product review or recommendation is, the more it resonates with a micro-influencer's following. You can easily search for influencers who have already spoken about your products using the search function in Mysocial Pro.

Have multiple messengers

Targeting multiple micro-influencers working within the same market gives you the best opportunity for brand exposure with a limited budget. Make sure that all of your collaborating influencers are within the brand strategy. The campaign messaging still needs to be clear and consistent. Remember, if an influencer doesn't fit with what you need, it is better to move on from that collaboration.

Working with more than one micro-influencer boosts your online presence


The ideal micro-influencer campaign focuses on telling a story over time with an honest voice. Your influencers can't just be mouthpieces for the brand, but need to be able to express a clear experience with the brand that resonates with their followers. Even better if they were already using your product and have a 100% real brand story to share. It may take a little more work to create the right feel for your campaign, but the reward is engaged and invested customers. That's well worth the effort.