October 6, 2020

4 simple ways to increase your engagement on YouTube

4 simple ways to increase your engagement on YouTube

The most traditional way to grow on YouTube starts with creating good content, continuously uploading videos, having relevant collaborations with other YouTubers and cross promoting your videos from other social media channels. When following these guidelines, you automatically increase your chances to grow that beloved YouTube channel off yours.

So, why do most people fail and how do you get past it?

1. Not enough dedication

When a user realizes that they have only gained one or two thousand followers after two active months, they tend to quit and give up.

Problem solving: The ugly truth is that in the beginning of your youtube or overall social media career, it's all about frequency and less about the quality of the content. Don't put too much time on making the content perfect, rather more time on uploading lots of content. The algorithm will reward you because in the end of the day - all Social Media platforms want more content.

2. Time consuming

Creating lots of videos takes lots of hours alone. Not to mention the editing part, a pure nightmare to most of the creators out there. It's very easy to loose your interest or dedication, when you benchmark the time spent on creating youtube videos, with the actual growth numbers.

Problem solving: As with the first bullet point, it's very important not to give up. The very first time you want to give up, think of all the people that actually gave up, and every time you decide to keep on fighting and strive for that dream of yours, you will be one step closer and one step ahead of the majority that left the building. Mindset is key.

3. Cross promotion from other social media channels don't equal higher engagement

Every time you link your latest youtube video on your Instagram story and add a swipe-up link, you sometimes experience more views but almost never higher engagement rate. The technical reason behind this, is basically because the users that swipe up from e.g. Instagram, enter YouTube from an in app browser. Simply explained, Instagram lets you watch the video, but you're watching from Instagram. This means that the users that swipes-up, must first login to youtube to be able to like, comment, subscribe or see any ads, which leads to much lower engagement and no ad-revenue from that traffic source.

Problem solving: By changing your regular youtube links, with SmartLink, your viewers will land directly into the youtube app, which will make it possible for them to like, comment, subscribe and see ads, without having to login. A great growth hacking tool that will increase your engagement from those specific traffic sources up to 800% + you will finally earn money from it.

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4. Bad titles and thumbnails

"That video was great, how could it only get 2500 views?!?!"

Understand this, a bad title or thumbnail, can destroy any growth possibility for any videos out there, no matter how good or bad they are. Matter in fact, a bad video with a fantastic thumbnail and title, will actually have the ability to perform much better than a good video with a bad thumbnail and title.

Problem solving? The simple answer is CTR (click-through rate). The more people that click on your video when it's visual on 'recommended videos to watch', the higher ranking will the video get. This is why your title and thumbnail will be a major key. The more interesting they are, the more people will click on the video, and in the end, perform much better.

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