November 17, 2017

Handling negative feedback about your influencer campaign

Handling negative feedback about your influencer campaign

Unfortunately, things don't always go well with marketing campaigns. The nature of social media means that negative feedback can come in immediately after a campaign launches. There are a few key actions you can take to manage the situation and recover.

Monitor your campaign regularly

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From the beginning of the campaign until it ends, you should be monitoring the reactions being generated by your audience. Consistent monitoring means that you can catch negative responses early before they can affect the tone of your campaign. By catching such reactions early, you have a chance to evaluate what may not be clicking with the audience and consult with your influencers to revamp the campaign if necessary.

Keep communicating with influencers

That brings us to another important point. Negative feedback does not mean that you should drop your strategy or influencers completely. Instead communicate clearly with your influencers about how you can improve your current strategy. Remember that your influencer is using their own social capital to promote your product, which means they are motivated to create and execute a winning strategy. Be sure that you continue to communicate with them to make this happen.

Trust your influencer to make decisions

Your brand reputation is on the line whenever you launch a campaign, but your influencer is the expert in this audience and knows how to speak to them. When negative feedback emerges, they will know how to speak to their followers. In the brief you provided before the campaign launch, you provided the kind of tone and the do's and don'ts of the campaign. Double check with your influencer that they are clear on these guidelines and then work with them to create a response.

But don't leave them alone to deal with the fallout

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Your influencers are the experts but this is still your campaign. You should never leave your influencer to deal with any negative outcomes of a campaign alone. Trust is the basis of every good relationship between you and your influencers. Teamwork is the key to making sure the rest of the campaign goes well. While you should trust your influencers to be able to handle the results of a campaign, they should be able to trust that you will be there to back them up, or take over if necessary.