November 12, 2017

3 tips for managing influencer relationships

3 tips for managing influencer relationships

You've figured which influencers you want to work with. Congratulations! Now comes the next part, figuring out how to have a mutually beneficial relationship. This can be harder to achieve than some people realize. Below are three quick tips for you to keep in mind as you move forward with your influencer campaign.

Never try to dominate the message

A big part of creating a successful campaign is taking a step back and allowing the influencer to guide the feel of the content. This can be hard to do since historically brands have had a lot of control over messaging. However, influencers have built their personal brand and following by being authentic and relatable. If their content suddenly sounds like a brand pitch, followers might abandon the ship. This is a lose-lose situation for you and the influencer. Instead, work together with your chosen influencers to come up with an understanding of what you want to overall message to be. Then leave it to the influencer to make it their own and sync it into their pre-existing content.

Have clear and detailed goals from the beginning

Giving the influencer space to be creative is important, but you also need to be sure your campaign hits the targets you need. Let your influencers know exactly what the goals of your campaign are from the beginning. Have a detailed brief ready to go so they are aware of your brand's expectations. Being clear early in the process minimizes the chances for misunderstandings that can affect your brand's message. Read our tips on what to include in a brief for influencers.

Establish clear communication

Keeping the lines of communication open is also important. From the beginning, your influencers should know who they can contact if they have questions or concerns about the direction of the campaign. Remember that you are dealing with another human being who is lending a voice to your campaign, so a personal touch is helpful. Always have a clear communication plan with influencers right up until a campaign ends.