April 20, 2018

How to create a global influencer marketing strategy

How to create a global influencer marketing strategy

Influencer marketing is becoming a standard part of brand marketing strategies. This is great news for brands, creators and customers. However, a big issue many brands still face is how to create an influencer marketing strategy that works internationally. We have put together a quick and easy guide to creating a global influencer marketing strategy for everyone dealing with this problem.

Thinking globally with influencer marketing

The first step for creating a global strategy is to identify a concept that is scalable. That means a concept that works well with different influencers. This is important because it gives you the flexibility to work with multiple influencers without spending valuable time changing the concept or coming up with an entirely new idea.

It is okay if some details change from influencer to influencer. You still want to keep the authenticity of the content. It is important for creators to have input on the message presented to their audience. However, the overall idea should remain the same.

How Audible created a global influencer marketing strategy

Let's take a look at an example of an effective and scalable influencer marketing campaign. 

Audible.com is an audio book library that has grown rapidly over that last few years. Part of their strategy has been to promote their site and products through YouTube videos. Instead of sponsoring an entire YouTube video, Audible pays to be integrated into a portion of video content produced by YouTube creators.

Creators mention Audible part of the way through the video before continuing with their content. The result is that Audible is discussed for 1-2 minutes inside of a larger piece of content. This strategy is perfect for a global campaign because it can be used with any creator (of different sizes), in any language, in any country in the world. It will work with everyone from fitness influencers to beauty vloggers to influencers with very specific niche audiences.

As you create your concept or idea, you and your team should be asking if this will fit into different scenarios and with different people. Scalable strategies are how your team gets the maximum effect with your influencer marketing.