Increasing brand awareness with influencer marketing

Increasing brand awareness with influencer marketing

Marketers understand working with influencers brings the right customers to a brand's doorstep. What is a little harder to understand is how to develop the best strategy to create the most potential for success.

Before we offer up our tips for a strategy that focuses on brand awareness, we need to say one thing. There is no strategy you can copy and paste to get perfect results every time. Each brand needs to spend time to understand what works and what doesn't for their specific needs.

Until someone invents AI to handle this stuff (someone should totally do that), what we can offer you now are things to think about. The tips below will (hopefully) help you understand how to create a healthy strategic approach for success. Sound good? Okay let's get started.

Instagram and Snapchat are your best bet

We will start off with a sure thing -Instagram and Snapchat are the go-to influencer platforms for reaching out to a large audience. 

Even with recent algorithm changes and app redesigns, these two are still the main platforms for getting the word out about a new product or brand. Instagram as a platform is hyper-focused on engagement and reach. Influencers on Instagram are hyper aware of the need for

The best strategies for maximizing reach usually combine both. That means targeting influencers that have solid and engaged followings on both platforms.

Build long-term