March 4, 2022

5 Time Management Techniques for Busy Influencers

5 Time Management Techniques for Busy Influencers

Time is humankind’s most valuable asset. Simultaneously, time is the most scarce of all resources. It can’t be stored, saved, or borrowed for later.

Yet, you are the only one who has the power to decide how you spend your time. Needless to say, you’ll want to concentrate on important things that add meaning and significance to your life. But, balancing between a family, full-time job, social life, and everything else that is going on can be a tricky job. 

There are only so many hours in the day, so I will share some great time management strategies that will help you to get things done faster and easier.

Let’s dive into 5 time management techniques for busy influencers!

Plan Your Work

The value of time is especially visible today. We are living in a constantly changing world, a world that doesn’t exist locally anymore.

Millions of active internet users are creating content, setting trends, and establishing new standards. Therefore, carefully planning a work strategy is important for any influencer to keep up with the pace.

I have met people who think that work plans are a waste of time; I have heard people saying that plans are useless because you can’t always fully follow them. And they are right in the sense that you can’t predict or put in writing every little detail of a complex project.

But we are not talking about that. Look at the work plan like a compass of your work. Have a 30-day and a 90-day plan. These plans allow you to create a clear vision within your work, which means you will be working towards a specific goal.

You may change your tactic or approach, however, you will always have a clear guide in form of a work plan.

Follow a Routine 

I want to remind you that all successful people have a very specific routine, a process they go through every day. And there is a good reason behind it!

Actually, having a routine will give you the opportunity to go through multiple tasks easily, without wasting time on various distractions. There is no ready-to-go formula for creating a successful routine. Only you can determine what works for you!

Personally, I mark out blocks of time in my daily schedule to work on certain tasks. And I consider this to be a very useful technique for busy influencers too. For instance, I am the most productive during morning hours, so I put more important tasks and issues that require more attention in my ‘morning block’.

Set Deadlines

Some people think that having deadlines is stressful. I personally believe that deadlines help me to prioritize my tasks. Deadlines leave no time for procrastination, which is known to be a motivation killer.

If you want to make an easy job extremely time-consuming, just keep putting it off!

Even if your clients do not set specific deadlines, do it for yourself. Otherwise, you will find your own projects dragged on and on. This is especially important for freelancers and influencers because in most cases, those people do not have direct supervisors to track the progress of a certain task.

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Stop Procrastinating

Let’s get back to procrastination for a minute. Procrastination can become a vicious cycle: you feel overwhelmed with what must be done and the lack of time left to do it, become increasingly stressed, and feel completely stuck and unable to move forward!

People put off tasks for a variety of reasons. Perhaps the task seems overwhelming or unpleasant.

You might have come across a meme or a video of Ph.D. Jordan B. Peterson says “You can change your life if you make your bedroom.” Well, that actually is true! The simplicity of making your bed makes it an easy task to take. So, making your bed starts an action loop. You can proceed and read a few pages, take some notes, start filming or editing, and probably get a LOT more done just thanks to taking a simple action: making your bed!

Set Priorities

Multitasking consumes a lot of energy, effort, and concentration stamina; thus leaving many blogging tasks unfinished.

To be able to get the best out of your time, you need to prioritize the most essential tasks and get things done one mission at a time. That’s the only way your brain can keep up the super-intense schedule of an influencer.

Every night, before you go to your bed, pick up a pen and a piece of paper. You want to write all the tasks you need to carry out tomorrow. Make a schedule; devote the morning to take care of the most demanding tasks, and leave the least stressful ones to the afternoon or the evening.

That’s because, in the morning, your brain starts releasing cortisol; a hormone that makes you awake & predacious. Accordingly, you’ll be most productive and versatile in the early hours of the morning. On the other hand, your brain starts releasing melatonin in the late afternoon and evening; which makes you lazy and less productive!

To Sum

Mastering time management will set you up for success in all areas of your life and will help you avoid anxiety, stress, and hassle. Whatever time management techniques you use, take time to evaluate how they have worked for you, and improve them.

Can you maintain a healthy balance between your personal and work life? Do you have enough time to accomplish all the important tasks? Are you investing time in your personal development and education? If the answer to these questions is ‘Yes’ then you have chosen the right time management techniques. 

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