February 10, 2022

Find sponsors for social media in 5 steps

Find sponsors for social media in 5 steps

A little while back, internet marketing revolved around affiliates and advertising. These were the most constructive ways to reach a mass audience!

But today, brands that once depended on associates to promote their products online are reaching out to influencers to gain more legitimacy and limelight on their products.

And with the advent of social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, influencer vs companies interactions have increased dramatically, resulting in a boom of digital content creation.

In such changing times, one needs to strive continuously for remaining relevant in the industry!

So, are you worried you won’t find sponsors yet? Or maybe you feel like you won’t be able to grow your social media profiles and compete?

I think it’s too early to! This article will wipe these questions and worries out! We’ll present solutions you won’t find anywhere else!

You’re really about to find out how you can find social media sponsors in no time + grow your social networks rapidly! So, stay tuned.

Follow these steps and you’ll never run out of sponsors

Step 1: Produce good content

This seems like the most obvious point, and it is. But it's also underrated too often.

There are no shortcuts: shareable content is always high-quality content.

If you focus on superficial topics and don’t invest enough time into research and content creation, you cannot expect your followers to be interested and engaged. And therefore don’t expect to get good sponsorship deals from top-tier brands.

Pursue producing meaningful content & build a loyal fanbase, and brands will eventually reach out to you organically.

Here are some tips to help you create engaging content:

Keep Your Audience in Mind:

Before ever creating or sharing a piece of content, think about your audience; ask yourself if it's something they would like to see and share with their friends or not.

Once you have some ideas, you can run the extra mile and poll your audience to generate comments and perhaps initiate an open debate. This not only creates engagement but gives you in-depth insight into what they want.

A more loyal and engaged audience will always give you a much bigger chance to get sponsored on social media.

Trigger Emotions: 

Emotions like happiness, anger, or sorrow have the power to engage people and make them share digital content. Still, be authentic and share your real feelings. People can sense when one is being authentic and when isn’t; so just be yourself and let your real emotions grab the audience and keep them interested.

Do you remember the “ItCanWait” campaign? It’s a great example where AT&T used narrative, art, and user engagement to skyrocket its public safety campaign.

Also, be careful not to co-opt topics that are unrelated to your niche since insincerity can backfire. It’s emotionally engaging doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good; be picky, be smart.

Do a giveaway!

Everyone loves free stuff. That’s a fact you can occasionally use to boost attention and interest in your page.

You can either buy affordable items or partner with a brand to give their product(s) for free to your audence.

And as you know, for your audience to be considered, they’d have to share and like and comment on the contest’s post…

This will increase engagement and encourage social media algorithms to recommend you to more people.

If you think about it, it’s a win-win-win, win-win for everyone!

Exploit trendy topics:

Staying up to date with trendy topics is obligatory for all creators. You should always follow the latest industry news and get inspired to curate new shareable content when appropriate.

Embrace video content:

Video is quickly becoming the dominant form of online content. As a result, you have to embrace video as a part of your content strategy. 

This is also why Twitter –once known as the photo-sharing network– added video to its portfolio. This kind of content has a big potential to go viral.

Step 2: Build a good looking profile

You can’t expect a brand deal to come your way if you don’t have a professional-looking profile on your social media page. After all, having a great portfolio is key in any career whether it’s physical or virtual.

Here are some tips to build a good profile:
  • Create a unique memorable username
  • Keep the same username across all platforms
  • Use a profile picture that tells a lot about you
  • Make a constant bio on all social platforms

Step 3: Build an Influencer MediaKit

Establishing a successful journey as an influencer will certainly involve making an influencer mediakit.

Your mediakit acts as your business card, CV, and portfolio of former social media achievement all in one piece.

Whether you use Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok… you want to represent all the work you’ve done, your achievements, and where you’d like to go in your influencer journey as neatly and accessible as possible to brands and marketers.

The best way for you to accentuate your career as an influencer is to use the Mysocial Mediakit.

This amazing feature allows you to Land more brand deals with a shareable media kit that updates your Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok analytics every day.

Here is all you have to do to make an Influencer MediaKit:

  1. Download the Mysocial app
  2. Connect your social media channels
  3. Share your influencer Mediakit with your brand partners 

Step 4: Reach out to sponsors

As a social media hustler, you can never wait for brands to always reach out to you themselves. You always need to be on the move to make connections on the web if you want to grow as an influencer.

However, this long and frustrating process has been made a lot easier with the help of Mysocial and our BrandOutreach feature.

This ground-breaking feature allows you to get sponsored on any social media platform because it connects you directly with elite members of the marketing departments of different brands, hotels, and restaurants!

You can browse a list of +3000 different potential sponsors from all around the globe, and you can easily get in touch with the right person in the marketing department with a click of a button.

BrandOUtreach feature - Mysocial App

When you select someone to reach out to, you click ‘email’ and the app will automatically open your email app with a ready pitch to send to your chosen sponsor. You can do a couple of edits if you want and then you’re ready to go in minutes!

Step 5: Network with other influencers

One of the best ways to grow as an influencer is to collaborate and network with other fellow influencers.

With the help of Mysocial’s Matchmaking feature, you can easily find influencers on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok to collaborate with and grow together.

This feature is pretty much like Tinder but for influencers only. You can swipe right or left to discover and connect with new influencers to work with more interactively. The more creators you swipe through, the better the recommendations you will get in the future.

You can also use filters to help you find other influencers to partner with depending on their follower count, audience, engagement, country, city, language, and other relevant criteria. All just to find the best influencers for you to collaborate with!

To wrap up:

One of the main goals for any influencer is to get brand deals and sponsorships to start building a fortune from social media. We hope that you will be able to find sponsorships in the future with the help of this article and Mysocial with all its amazing features.