January 20, 2021

Top 3 Linktree alternatives

Top 3 Linktree alternatives

1. Linkchain on Mysocial

Mysocial can simply be described as an influencer assistant in your pocket that provides influencers with the right tools to grow, leverage and increase your presence on Social Media. Except for the large community and multiple tools that you get instant access to, Linkchain will probably be your first pick as an influencer, creator or artist.

Here's what you get with Linkchain:

  • Mobile app (iOS & Android)
  • A mobile-optimized landing page that works perfect on all devices
  • Deep linking functionality for all kinds of users, not only iOS as with Linktree. Meaning that you will increase your engagement even more.
  • Add unlimited amount of links
  • Swap or change links as often as you want
  • No click limit
  • "Link stats and analytics" → Will be released soon
  • Zero effort management
  • You need to have at least 5.000 followers combined on Social Media, to be able to access Mysocial.
  • Link including your name.
  • Instant support directly on Mysocial.
  • Fast loading time
  • Keep the same link, even after changes.

Cost: Free

Start using Mysocial LinkChain by clicking here

2. Lnk.Bio

Lnk.Bio is a great choice if you're an agency, influencer manager or network. The company put most focus on enterprise customers by helping them to manage all influencer links, from one control panel.

Here's what you get with Lnk.Bio:

  • Link with your username
  • E-mail support
  • Link stats and analytics
  • Add images
  • Maintain control of many influencer at once.
  • Everybody can get access to Lnk.bio
  • Fast loading time

Cost: Between $0,99-$9,99 per month

3. Feedlink on EmbedSocial

Feedlink works as a web and mobile-optimized landing page that assembles a clickable Instagram feed in one single place. Allowing you to tag each photo in the feed.

Here's what you get with Feedlink:

  • A mobile-optimized landing page that works perfect.
  • Fast loading time
  • A shoppable landing page that navigates followers to product pages where they can actually purchase it.
  • A link that can be reused on other social media networks.
  • Keep the same link, even after changes.
  • No click limit
  • Add unlimited amount of links

Cost: Between $19-$99 per month


If you want a simple, fast and easy-to-use link in bio that is a good alternative to Linktree, without actually paying for anything, or being force to pay when you reach a certain limit, then we would highly recommend Linkchain on Mysocial. Most of the main features are included and fulfills all the main needs for influencers searching for the right link in bio. Another big plus with Mysocial is that you get access to tons of other tools and functionalities, compered to other apps. The reason behind this is simply because Mysocial works as a platform, not one single tool.

Disclaimer: Mysocial is not an influencer marketing platform that handle deals. Rather a platform that will provide you with the most important tools to grow and increase your revenue on various social media networks.