November 28, 2017

Using influencer marketing to stop buyer's remorse

Using influencer marketing to stop buyer's remorse

One roadblock to finalizing sales is a potential customer's worry that they may be making the wrong choice. We have already explained that an influencer is trusted by the people that follow them. This trust is useful for overcoming this fear and stopping buyer's remorse in its tracks.

Making the final decision to buy can feel like crossing a long bridge into the unknown

An influencer's word has the power to reassure potential customers about their purchasing choice. This means that an influencer campaign should not end at "hey check out this cool product/brand", but also tell the customer why this purchase is the best choice. If you can convince a potential customer that they won't regret their decision to buy your product, it increases the chance that they will make the leap and buy.

When you are structuring your influencer campaign, include a way of addressing customer concerns that may pop up. Consider what it would take for someone to finalize the deal and make the purchase without hesitating. Influencers are a great shortcut for getting into the mind of your customer, and this should be a key part of the conversation you have with them. Work together to come up with a clear and personal message that is compelling enough for customers to decisively say "yes" to what you are offering. A great way to start the conversation with influencers is by directly asking them, "what would make you say 'yes' to this product?" Such a simple question opens the door to creatively expand your strategy, and leads to customer success.