August 31, 2021

How To Find YouTube Sponsors

How To Find YouTube Sponsors

As a YouTube creator, one of the many ways you can make money is through having long-term sponsors for your channel. This post is for anyone who's interested in knowing how to get sponsors on YouTube.

There are two ways of getting a sponsor for your youtube channel, the first one is that they reach out to you for a brand deal. The second option is that you reach out to the brand you like and try to strike a collaboration.

1. Create your influencer MediaKit

A MediaKit is like your influencer CV. It should act as a portfolio that will make you look more attractive to the potential client you want to work with.

Putting in the hard work of making an impressive media kit for your public relations goals is worth it. Once you’ve completed yours, you can send it to potential business opportunities. Or better yet, when marketers reach out to you, you’ll be ready to sell them on a partnership.

What should be included in your
influencer MediaKit:

  1. Your total amount of subscribers on YouTube
  2. Your average amount of views you get per YouTube video (based on the last 10 videos)
  3. Your average amount of likes, dislikes and comments you get per video
  4. Your audience age of your viewers
  5. Your audience gender of your viewers
  6. Your audience countries of your viewers
  7. Your content niche like fashion, beauty, gaming, fitness etc.
  8. A small biography that highlights who you are and why your audience is following you.
  9. If you have previous youtube collaborations from other brands. Highlight them in your MediaKit.
  10. Your contact information.

The easiest way to create a MediaKit

You can easily create a full-ended social media kit, that updates your analytics, through the Mysocial App.

Step-by-step guid to creating an Influencer Mediakit

  1. Download the Mysocial app
  2. Connect your social media channels
  3. Complete your information
  4. Share your influencer mediakit with your brand partners.

2. Find youtube sponsors

There is multiple ways you can find brands that would love to sponsor your channel in return for social media reach. We'll be listing the best ways you can find brands to work with on YouTube, ordered by the easiest first.

BrandOutreach on Mysocial

On the Mysocial app you have access to the worlds largest database of active YouTube sponsors. The best part is that you have access to the contact information to the right employee at the company, right at your fingertips.

When you click on the email button on a specific brand, you'll be redirected to the primary email client on your phone with an already prepared sales pitch + your mysocial mediakit.

You're also able to find different geo-located brands like hotels, restaurants and experiences, that you easily can get in contact with through Mysocial's BrandOutreach extension.

Step-by-step guide to use BrandOutreach on Mysocial:

  1. Login to Mysocial
  2. Click on the BrandOutreach extension
  3. Find the brands that you see fits.
  4. Email the available contacts for that brand

Finding sponsors directly on YouTube

Another way to find brand partners is by looking through other YouTubers content and see if they have been sponsored by a specific brand. The YouTubers usually disclose which brands they're sponsored by in the first 30 seconds of any video.

When you have a name of the brand then your job is to find the right people to contact in that company.

A way you can do this is by searching through LinkedIn for an:

  • Influencer Marketing Manager
  • Social Media Manager

If you can't find any of the above working in the company then your best bet would be to find the

  • Marketing Manage
  • Digital Markting Manager

When you have found the right person, you can either contact them via LinkedIn or try to find their email. A way you can source the email address for any person on LinkedIn is by using the Google Chrome extensions "" or "Skrapp".


As a YouTuber who don't get a lot of inbound influencer marketing requests your job is to act like a sales man. It's your job to package your social media channels in an attractive way by creating an appealing influencer MediaKit. And after you have your package you can start finding different sponsors and pitch a potential collaboration with them.

We suggest you to use the Mysocial app to save as much time as possible when building your MediaKit and contacting brands you want to work with.