January 25, 2022

How To Find Instagram Sponsors?

How To Find Instagram Sponsors?

There are many ways Instagram creators can monetize their content. One great way to do it is by landing long-term sponsors and brand owners to partner with. And this post is going to reveal the secret of how to get Instagram sponsors, and never run out of collaborations!

However, there are two main ways this whole thing works. The first is that marketers and branders reach out to you and offer you a deal, negotiate, then get the job done! The second one achieves the same results but in a reversed method; you reach out to brands and businesses and submit a collaboration offer.

How to get Instagram sponsors in two steps

  1. Create your influencer Mediakit

Just like any other online hustler, a digital content creator should build his or her own portfolio. A MediaKit helps you do exactly that but in a much more creative and suitable way to make you look more professional and attractive.

In other words, putting in the work to make an impressive influencer MediaKit for your public relations goals is pretty worth it.

Once you complete yours, it’s now time to send it to potential collaborators and sponsors. And better yet, if marketers reach out to you, you’ll be ready to sell them on a partnership!

What should be included in your influencer MediaKit?

  1. The total amount of followers you have on Instagram
  2. The average amount of views you get per Instagram video, and of course the number of views on your stories (based on the last 4 weeks)
  3. The average posts’ reach and share of likes and comments you get per piece of content
  4. The age of your viewers and fans
  5. The gender ratios of your audience
  6. The countries of your audience
  7. The niche of your content like fashion, beauty, gaming, fitness… etc
  8. A straightforward biography to highlight who you are and why your audience is following you
  9. If you have previous Instagram collaborations from other brands, highlight them in your MediaKit
  10. Your contact information

How to create an influencer MediaKit that sells?

The easiest and most effective way is to use MySocial to seamlessly create a full-ended social media kit that updates your analytics automatically.

Make a professional Influencer Media Kit in seconds with mysocial App

Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating an Influencer Mediakit:

  1. Download the Mysocial app
  2. Connect your social media channels
  3. Complete your information
  4. Share your influencer Mediakit with your brand partners
  1. Find Instagram sponsors

There are multiple ways to find brands and businesses that would love to collaborate and sponsor your content creation journey in exchange for social media reach. Below, we’ll list some of the best ways, and we’ll be starting with the most effective one which is:

  1. BrandOutreach on Mysocial
Contact sponsors with mysocial app's brand outreach feature

The ‘Mysocial’ app grants you access to the world’s largest database of active Instagram sponsors. In fact, you can even access the contact info of the right employees at the company with just a few clicks! 

Simply click on the email button on a specific brand to get redirected to the primary email client on your phone with an already prepared sales pitch + your Mysocial Mediakit.

You're also able to find different geo-located brands like hotels, restaurants, and experiences, that you can effortlessly get in touch with through Mysocial's BrandOutreach extension.

A step-by-step guide to using BrandOutreach on Mysocial:

  1. Login to Mysocial
  2. Click on the BrandOutreach extension
  3. Find the brands that you see fit.
  4. Email the available contacts for that brand
  1. Finding sponsors directly on Instagram

Another great but less efficient way to find sponsors for your Instagram content creation journey is by using Instagram itself! You simply keep your eyes open and see who other influencers in your niche are partnering with, and you can simply go stalk that brand and try to get a few emails and contacts.

You can definitely rely on LinkedIn to find people working for that company. And then you hammer on their DMs until they break and respond (classic cold messaging).

But we recommend you use LinkedIn to look for profiles of:

  • Influencer Marketing Manager
  • Social Media Manager

If you can't find any of the above working in the target company then your finest bet would be to find:

  • Marketing Manager
  • Digital Marketing Manager

You can source the email address for any person on LinkedIn by using the Google Chrome extensions "Apollo.io" or "Skrapp".

Bonus info: Another awesome way to get contacts of privileged members of a company is by using Hunter.io. This website gives you emails of important figures of a company, and your job is to write a smooth sales pitch and get a response!


Unless you get enough inbound influencer marketing requests for Instagram, it’s your job to act like a salesman and land more sponsors. It’s your job to package up your social media profiles in a tempting way by crafting an appealing influencer MediaKit. Once that’s done, it’s high time you start looking for different sponsors and close a potential one!

We recommend you use the Mysocial app to save as much time and effort as possible when building your MediaKit and contacting brands you want to work with.