February 9, 2022

How to Get Sponsored By Clothing Brands on Instagram

How to Get Sponsored By Clothing Brands on Instagram

Getting paid for having an amazing drip sounds fun! Enthusiastic fashionistas can earn some extra cash, or free fancy clothing, simply by promoting fashion brands and retailers.

In most cases, you'll need to have a very strong Instagram following to promote a good brand's products! However, there are several different ways you can promote products, and some can offer you cash or heavily discounted products.

Here are the best ways to get sponsored by a clothing brand on Instagram

  1. Make a MediaKit

We’ll be listing a lot of interesting methods and techniques to help you get sponsored by fashion brands on Instagram. But first, you should know that despite your profile looking good with green digits, having a neat MediaKit to show brands and marketers your statistics is a must today!

A Mediakit is like an influencer’s portfolio. It shares the statistics of your Instagram account and any other platform you connect the MediaKit to.

You can easily create a dynamic one that updates automatically based on your statistics with Mysocial App. Of course, you can do a lot more with the app including reaching out to companies and brands, and also finding other content creators to collaborate with!

Mediakit helps get sponsored by clothing brands on Instagram

Mysocial works on both: iOS & Android!

  1.  Show what’s in it for the brand

Let’s assume you’ve prepared your mediakit and it’s neat-looking already… Are you now ready to start seeking fashion brands to collaborate with you?

Nope, not yet!

You need to shift your perspective from “Me” and “I am…” to “You” and “You are”.

In plain English, stop focusing on proving how great your profile is or how many fans you attracted with your content…

Instead, shed more light on how big of an asset you’d be for the brand, and how you can use your existing fanbase to help the brand increase both: sales & visibility.

This belief should never leave your mind; thus framing all your future efforts and endeavors

  1.  Use affiliate marketing

Another option for Instagram influencers is to establish affiliate marketing partnerships with both fashion brands as well as retailers.

Affiliate marketing works by providing online content publishers, such as Instagrammers and YouTubers, with specially coded advertising links and graphics. The latter can be posted on websites, posts, and social media updates.

When a consumer clicks on these links and makes a purchase, the content publisher receives a percentage of the sale as a commission payment.

It is often much easier for accounts with a more modest following to establish affiliate partnerships than it is to become a brand ambassador. In affiliate marketing, the fashion brand or retailer isn't required to provide cash or merchandise upfront for promotion. Instead, you, the affiliate publisher, produce content promoting a product in the hopes that your fans will click on the affiliate link or ad and make a purchase.

  1.  Use fashion box referral programs

Referral programs are a variation of traditional affiliate systems and are often used by popular fashion subscription boxes and rental services.

A fashion subscription box service sends clothes and accessories to subscribers so they can try out their products. These programs may also offer Instagram influencers the option of signing up for a traditional cash commission-based affiliate program.

They may also offer a credit-based referral program to Instagram influencers who promote the subscription program.

Instead of cutting you a check for a percentage of sales generated through your referral links, the program sponsor awards you a flat credit amount when someone signs up for a subscription through one of your links.

  1.  Find a realistic brand choice

If you're still trying to put yourself on the map, consider the clothing brands you'll have the best luck with! Don’t go Nike or Adidas out of the blue! Opt for those that are still trying to put themselves on the map too.

There are a lot of quality smaller indie clothing brands out there, so pick a few that speak to you, and hammer their DMs with messages!

Also, make sure your page’s aesthetic matches up with that of your brand of choice. Look for local clothing brands that fit your career trajectory and the vibe of your Instagram page.

Needless to say, work on an effective marketing strategy for your influencer profile, and try to reach as many brands as possible!

You can easily find clothing brands to reach out to through Mysocial’s sponsors section.

Reach out to clothing brands with Mysocial app
  1.  Prove you enjoy the brand

Follow the brand you want to work with on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and/or any other media platform you can think of! Garyvee runs the extra mile for us and recommends you make a purchase and publish a picture with the product and tag the brand for no actual income!

It’s all about getting noticed before requesting sponsorship! So, prove that you genuinely like the brand you're after and you support how they do business.

You simply want to be able to tell your contacts from that brand that you actually bought and wear their clothes, and you love them.

  1.  Show the brand your worth

When you reach out to a brand, focus on convincing them that you'll be effective in advertising their clothing.

Make your pitch personal. Write a meaningful email showing that you did your research and genuinely enjoy their clothes. This can go a long way, especially with independent companies.

When using Mysocial, you’re able to choose what brand to collaborate with. And with one click, you're able to email the brand and pitch a potential collaboration.

You'll have different email templates to choose from, to ensure your pitch is solid and personalized when reaching out to the company.!

Left is a click and wait for the answer!

  1.  Be persistent

Be persistent and resilient. If contacts from one of your preferred brands are responding sporadically, keep sending them new material from your Instagram page. Stay in their periphery as a potential candidate for sponsorship.

If you get shut down, don't sweat it. Shake off the rejection and start contacting other brands. You can also use Mysocial to find sponsors to collaborate with in a much easier way.

  1.  Become a loyal client of the brand

You can initiate and open up a conversation with a brand simply by buying some of their products (that you actually like) and let them know you did!

This is one of the most overlooked aspects.

Purchase an item you need and you find appealing. Then contact the brand and say “I bought this item, I love the quality, price…” etc. Maybe send a few photographs wearing stuff you bought!

You will be surprised how powerful this is when it comes to starting an Instagram collaboration with that brand.

  1. Become a brand ambassador

Fashion designers have long relied on Instagram influencers to raise brand awareness, often providing garments to be worn at high-profile events.

As Instagram has gained more visual value and influenced the fashion industry, many of its active content creators have developed a huge following in that niche. As a result, new and established designers and brands alike began to collaborate with these influencers, providing clothing and accessories to be worn in photographs or reviewed in their posts.

In some cases, the designer or brand may develop an exclusive relationship with an influencer. The influencer may become the Brand’s ambassador and get engaged in a long-term contract!

To wrap up:

Getting paid for wearing your favorite brand’s clothes is certainly an amazing career. Although it is unlikely you’ll be getting paid a whole lot, or anything at all, it would still be a great marketing opportunity for your Instagram career to be sponsored by a brand. We hope that our advice helps you find Instagram collaboration with the brands you love.