June 12, 2022

Create an Instagram Media Kit: 2022 Edition (Free Template)

Create an Instagram Media Kit: 2022 Edition (Free Template)

There's no denying it: if you want to work with cool companies, you need a killer media kit. Why? Your media kit is the primary instrument for presenting yourself, your work, and its outcomes in the best light possible.

If you pay attention to detail and present yourself professionally, you will stand out from the crowd and demonstrate to brands that you are serious about your instagram activities.

This guide is jam-packed with useful advice that will teach you everything you need to know. We've done all of the legwork, so you can concentrate on creating a great Instagram media kit that can land you brand collaborations.

Let's get started!

What is an instagram media kit?

A media kit functions similarly to a résumé for your Instagram career. It is a document that informs brands about you, your achievements as an influencer, and vital Instagram statistics. 

Why do instagram creators need a media kit?

To work with a brand, you'll need a media kit, and that's as basic as that. Without a media kit, you can't apply for a brand collaboration or hunt for a brand partnership. It gives you a polished appearance and demonstrates to brands why they HAVE TO partner with you. Think of it as an opportunity to show off your talents. It's a must-have tool for showcasing oneself to potential clients in the best possible light.

How to build an instagram media kit?

It's time to put together your media kit now that you know why you need one and what you should include in it. It can be done in a variety of ways.

1. Mysocial Mediakit (Recommended)

With the Mysocial app, you can easily create a media kit that updates your instagram analytics every day. The media kit is proven to wow brands and increase your chances of striking a brand deal.  

Step-by-step guide to Create an Instagram Mediakit
  1. Download the Mysocial app on IOS or Android.
  2. Connect your Instagram channel
  3. Share your Media Kit with potential sponsors

Mysocial update the data for your YouTube, Instagram and TikTok channels everyday to ensure that you always can present the latest information to your brand partners.

Mysocial's Instagram Media Kit Example

View an example Instagram Mediakit here

Learn more about how you can Create an Instagram Mediakit with Mysocial

2. Canva

Canva is a great place to create different versions of media kits. Depending on the type of media kit you're creating, you can use different designs that incorporate your brand's colors and fonts. You can also organize them and make them easily accessible. The desktop and mobile versions of Canva are both available.

Why you shouldn't use canva:

  • Can take hours to create your media kit.
  • Your social media analytics won't update. You will have to go back to your media kit once a week, and keep your data updated.
  • It can be tricky to know what to include in the media kit and what not to include.

Canva - Instagram Media kit Examples

White & Beige Chic Influencer Media Kit

Content Creator Rate Card Mediakit Template

Content Creator Influencer Rate Card Media Kit

What to include in your Instagram Mediakit?

  1. Your total number of followers on instagram.
  2. Your average amount of impressions you get per instagram post (based on the last 10 posts)
  3. Your average amount of impressions you get per instagram story (based on the last 10 stories)
  4. Your average amount of likes and comments you get per post
  5. Your audience age of your viewers
  6. Your audience gender of your viewers
  7. Your audience countries of your viewers
  8. Your content niche like fashion, beauty, gaming, fitness etc.
  9. A small biography that highlights who you are and why your audience is following you.
  10. If you have previous instagram collaborations from other brands. Highlight them in your MediaKit.
  11. Your contact information.

Before building your instagram media kit.

Before you start putting together your instagram media kit, make sure you know how you want to define yourself and stick to it. Also, the most important piece of advice we can give you is to stick to your values. Don't promote or collaborate with companies that only offer good pay or a flashy product. Choose brands that are in line with your core values instead.