Snapchat redesign allows users to share Stories outside of app

Snapchat app redesign includes new shareable link for public Stories

Allisa Lindo
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It's Snapchat's turn for big announcements.

Snapchat Stories can now be shared outside of the app. The latest app update includes a shareable link to Stories, giving users the freedom to share any public Story. 

How it works

To access the feature, users press and hold a tile on the Discover page, revealing the link. Then copy and paste the link into a text, email or a post on another social media platform. In true Snapchat style, the links expire and disappear after 30 days.

So far the links are only available on Official Stories from influencers and celebrities who use the platform, Search Stories, and Stories created by Snapchat's team. It isn't clear when the feature will be available for Publisher Stories.

One small problem

Shareable links are only available to users who have downloaded the redesigned app. Unfortunately, Snap Inc is having issues rolling out the new redesign.

So far, only users in Canada, Australia and the UK have the app, but Snap says all users should have the app in the next few weeks.

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