December 1, 2017

Tips for an effective influencer marketing team

Tips for an effective influencer marketing team

Influencer marketing is relatively new and many companies are still figuring out how to internally organize influencer-related tasks. Many companies have started hiring influencer marketing specialists to handle influencer relationships and campaigns. But with a few simple adjustments, it is possible for influencer marketing to fit into the existing structure of your team.

Have a guide for your team

Create a simple one-pager which outlines the main objectives of your campaign. This is separate from the brief you send to influencers. Instead, this is an internal resource for your team with guidance on how to develop the influencer marketing plan. 

It should answer questions such as: What kind of influencers do we want to work with? What are the audiences we want to target? What is our overall message? Answering these questions before initiating conversations with influencers simplifies the process.

Create an easy-to-follow workflow

When multiple people are working on a project, a crucial element for success is clearly defining each team member's role. Before reaching out to influencers, be sure every person knows where they fit into the process and what is expected of them. Outline who is in control at each step of a campaign. This helps others understand who they should go to if issues come up during the campaign.

Track your interactions

Use collaborative tools to track your team's interactions with influencers. There should always be one main person that influencers know they can contact during a campaign. This streamlines the communications process. But all communications should be recorded in collaborative tools that all team members can access. 

Everyone needs to be on the same page regarding influencer communications before they are sent, but it is also useful to refer back to these communications during and after the campaign.