September 25, 2023

Troubleshoot: Linking your Instagram to Mysocial

Troubleshoot: Linking your Instagram to Mysocial

This is a quick tutorial on how to troubleshoot issues with linking your Instagram to Mysocial.

To link your Instagram to Mysocial, you need:

  1. Your Instagram account to be linked to a Facebook page.
  2. You need to provide the right permissions when linking it to the Mysocial app.

How to connect your Instagram to a Facebook page

Tip 1: The video starts at minute 1

Tip 2: The mobile method in the video is usually buggy. Try to use the desktop method for the best results.

If you have linked your Instagram with Facebook and it still doesn't work, then you maybe haven’t provided Mysocial with the right permissions.

Here is a short video on how to make sure that you give Mysocial the proper access to link your instagram.

If for some reason it still doesn't work. Then please contact