How To Find a Gaming Sponsor

How To Find a Gaming Sponsor

Having the opportunity to make money gaming has become quite commonplace in recent times! E-sports competitors and streamers now consider monetization through finding sponsorships for gaming careers.

A gaming sponsorship allows you to enjoy playing video games while growing your following; and most importantly, provides you with the revenue needed to keep up the hustle and grow even more. It’s true, if you are successful enough in your gaming career you can even go pro and start making millions!

Types of sponsorships for gamers:

  1.  Affiliate sponsorships:

An affiliate sponsorship is often considered the easiest form of sponsorship for gamers. It’s a good starting point for most streamers and e-sports competitors to help them make money gaming.

Affiliate sponsorships often require that gamers share affiliate codes and links. These could be shared on your live stream or other social media platforms depending on the terms of your sponsorship.

You should always keep in mind that the type of payment or commission you will receive will vary depending on the brand that sponsors you and the product/service itself.

These are the biggest gaming brands that offer affiliate sponsorships:

A. Razer Affiliate Program

The Razer Affiliate Program for gamers is a great way to earn money gaming by referring visitors to Razer through banners or links.

This program rewards participants for marketing the brand’s gaming gear to fellow gamers. 

You can do it by placing banners and links on the description of your video to refer visitors to the Razer store. 

Participants can earn up to 10% commission on the sale of Razer products once a visitor purchases their banner or link.

Pros of this program:

  • This affiliate program for gamers is free. Just sign up to get started.
  • You become part of something great – helping Razer put gaming gear in the hands of gamers everywhere.
  • Razer initiates special incentives such as offers and promotions to help you drive traffic.

Cons of this program:

  • Being a Razer affiliate does not indicate any official partnership or sponsorship with Razer. There’s no official agreement and you aren’t declared an affiliate by the company. This means that you can earn money through the program; however, you’re not considered a partner.

B. Origin PC Affiliate Program

The Origin PC Affiliate program targets passionate PC gamers with YouTube or Twitch channels or a new website with PC gaming-related content. Gamers get commissions on all sales of Origin products and gear referred by their particular link.

Here are the rules of this program:

Signing-up is free and overall simple. All you need is to complete the affiliate application form available on the Origin website. Then they will let you know about your approval status within 24 to 72 hours.

If you get approved, Origin will provide you with a unique Affiliate account that will help you make money gaming.

Pros of this program:

  • Gamers can earn commissions on the sales of Origin products and gear from their unique link. 
  • Members of the program are provided with a unique link to share across all their social channels and make money gaming. 
  • It is also simpler to monitor sales and commissions through the unique link.

Cons of this program:

  • On the downside, Origin does not state the percentage of the commissions. They are the ones to determine the rate based on channel performance and engagement rates!
  • Another disadvantage is that the Origin Affiliation program for gamers is only available to Influencers in the United States.

C. Elgato Gaming Program

As a way of giving back to the community, Elgato has an “Early Access Program.” This program invites everyone around the world to apply for an opportunity to get new products for free before they are available in the market. 

At the moment, the Elgato Gaming Program is full which makes it inaccessible to accommodate more gamers. Still, we recommend keeping an eye on the brand’s updates if you don’t want to miss the next chance to join in and earn money gaming.

Here are the rules of this program:

You can apply by completing a short online form available on their official website and submitting it for review by the Elgato team.

Elgato also has a program for Beta testers – Elgato Access Program. The selected few benefit from Pre-release access to new software features and hardware products.

Pros of this program:

Unlike other programs that target famous gamers or streamers, Elgato Early Access Program is open for anyone from any part of the world!

Cons of this program:

Elgato selects a relatively small number of participants. In the Early Access to Elgato HD60S, they were giving the HD60S to only 200 applicants from around the world. The criteria they use to pick also remains a secret!

  1.  Company brand deals:

There are many non-gaming companies that offer distinct services and products & are also seeking opportunities to get promoted by video game streamers. Some of them offer affiliate programs, others offer sponsorships, so check them out and see whether some of them are a good fit for you.

Just to give you some perspective, some of their products and services include: cryptocurrency transactions, gift boxes, beard products, graphic design products, 3D content, camera backdrops, and more…

These are the biggest non-gaming brands that offer sponsorships for gamers:

  1. CoinSmart

CoinSmart has an affiliate program for streamers, bloggers, or influencers who are into digital currencies. Every referral will bring you $50: $20 when a user has their identity confirmed and $30 when they transfer $100 to their account!

If you have an excellent referral rate or a lot of Canadian and/or European followers, you may contact CoinSmart, or they may contact you, for an even better collaboration opportunity!

  1. CrateJoy

Cratejoy is a place for you to buy unique gift boxes tailored to your needs –whether you like arts & crafts, snacks, books, or beauty products…

YouTubers, bloggers, influencers of any kind are welcome to Cratejoy’s affiliate program, with access to new products, catalogues, exclusive collections, creative assets, and top deals.

How & Where to find GREAT sponsorship opportunities for gamers?

If the aforementioned strategies didn’t really give you what you want, rest assured you’ll get it now!

One of the easiest ways you can get a gaming sponsorship is by contacting your brand of choice directly. You can go after emails and contacts of people with high rankings in the marketing department of these companies, and then try to contact thel individually.

However, you can completely skip that hassle of contacting brands with help of Mysocial and the amazing BrandOutreach feature they have in their app.

This helpful feature allows you to get sponsored on any platform, such as your YouTube Gaming channel, and it gives you access to a huge database of over 3000 brands you can contact with the press of a button.

Mysocial App helps gamers and streamers find sponsorsonline easily!

This great tool also allows you to keep 100% of all the revenue you make from sponsorships.

So what are you waiting for? Download the Mysocial app now to start making money gaming!

Grow big = Earn more as a gamer!

More followers and higher engagement rates will certainly drive in more revenue. That’s why content creator in any niche can afford staying in his or her place!

A great way to grow is by networking with other serious and like-minded influencers. In other words, you need to reach out to as many fellow gaming content creators to help each other grow your channels and gain more gaming sponsors in the future.

You can use Mysocial’s very powerful Matchmaking feature to connect with other influencers to collaborate and create content together and help each other grow. After all, multiplayer games are not the most popular genre on streaming platforms for no reason.

To wrap up:

Gaming sponsorships have become an integral part of any meaningful gaming brand campaign due to a massive following by engaged audiences. And as the $152 billion gaming industry continues to grow rapidly, Twitch and YouTube gaming channels will capitalize on the industry’s growth, reach, and engagement.

We hope that with the help of this article and Mysocial that you will be earning money gaming in no time!