January 31, 2022

How to Find YouTubers to Collaborate With

How to Find YouTubers to Collaborate With

Sponsorships and collaborations are some of the most sought-after business affairs for YouTubers. You can easily find a lot of YouTube stars that would love to collaborate with you and help grow one another’s channel. Keep reading and find out Mysocial’s best tips to get YouTube collaboration with ease.

Here are the best tips to find YouTubers to collaborate with

  1. Use Forums

Forums are some of the best places where you can find and collaborate with other YouTubers to help your channels grow. There are many different forums where you can post to find a YouTube creator that you can collaborate with and help promote your content.

Here are 3 great forums you can use to find YouTube collaborations :

Many YouTube-related forums have a section where creators can post collaboration offers. These can often be quite interesting. But we recommend you go through different posts first before settling with one to ensure that you’re getting the best offer.

  1.  Join Mysocial App Community

Forums are open for everyone to use, which is a double edge sword! That’s to say, serious and highly motivated people can join a forum, but so do time wasters and scammers.

When joining the Mysocial community, you’re enabling yourself to connect with thousands of influencers and see their channel’s statistics. Then with one slide or click, you connect with people you see would fit your vision and collaboration goals.

MySocial helps YouTubers find like-minded influencers o collaborate with

Mysocial App works on both: iOS & Android. And the Free Version is good to connect with other content creators and/or sponsors. Yet, the premium one (which is very cheap) can literally take you miles away on your journey!

Download Mysocial App easily now!

  1.  Write effective copies

When proposing a YouTube collaboration, it’s essential to write in a way that the YouTuber will appreciate and be more likely to accept. Don’t write short unprofessional messages. Instead, you need to make them informative, polite, and understandable.

Of course, this doesn’t mean we recommend you compromise friendliness and conciseness; a space in between will do just fine!

Also, make sure to give the YouTube creator you want to collaborate with some insights about your existing content & what kind of content you can create together!

And it wouldn’t hurt to link to your Mediakit if you have one. If not, you can create it in minutes with the Mysocial app.

A media kit is like a CV for you as an influencer. It gives other content creators and marketers the chance to see your social media statistics to collaborate with you or sponsor you.*

Create a media kit easily with Mysocial App

Other important things to add in a message or copy would include:

  • Your full name and contact information
  • Your YouTube channel’s name & link
  • What your channel is about and who is its audience
  • The type of video you want to create (you can prepare and send a full scenario too in a separate document)
  1.  Make clear instructions

For YouTube collaborations, give clear and understandable instructions about the video you’re planning to make together. You can explain what the video will be about, the overall tone it will adopt, and how long it will be.

Try to keep it concise; don’t write a short story in an email or a text message!

If you want, you can request to schedule a call or attach a separate document with more details… But remember, you’re just trying to open a conversation at this stage!

  1.  Use social media to connect with YouTubers

Using social media is a no-brainer technique.

Having an online presence is essential for YouTubers and content creators like you. You can leverage these communities to engage with creators that you want to do a YouTube collaboration with.

You can for instance connect with YouTubers on platforms like Twitter, especially since it allows you to track content creators using hashtags! This makes it easy to reach other active YouTubers about collaboration opportunities with your channel.

Keep in mind that hashtags should be used effectively, otherwise they won’t give you any positive results. You can also get YouTube collaboration opportunities on Facebook and Instagram quite simply. Everything you need to do is to find other YouTuber s’ contacts there and write a straight and effective DM or email. Keep in mind that your message must be clear, straight, and distinctive from others.

Most importantly, remember that you can always avoid this entire process and use Mysocial to connect with other like-minded content creators easily!

  1.  Make sure that the niche of your channel is the same as your collaborator

Your potential YouTube collaborator must know what the niche of your channel is so they get a clear idea of what type of content they are promoting on their channel, and whether or not it matches the content of their channel. This step is crucial because if your niches match, then your collaboration will be much more successful.

You also want to do some investigation when you receive an offer from someone else. Make sure they’re a fit to increase your channel’s visibility and reach.

Mysocial can save you a lot of time because you can use search filters to narrow down the results you get & find more suitable channels and influencers to collaborate with.

  1.  Make sure to choose a YouTuber you’re comfortable with

Awkwardness and shyness are easy to spot on videos. It’s also hard to engage in a conversation if you’re not at ease with your collaboration partner. It might also spark an issue if the viewers recognize a feeling of uneasiness when your YouTube collaboration partner doesn’t have any chemistry with you in the videos you make together!

Therefore, it is a crucial step for you to pick a YouTube collaborator that is comfortable with making content about your niche on their videos. It’s a vital step because the audience of your collaborator will appreciate a more genuine piece of content that their favorite YouTuber is comfortable making.

This selection process can be made much easier with the help of Mysocial which has a great matchmaking feature to help you find influencers to collaborate with without breaking a sweat. Mysocial also offers influencers and content creators like you a lot of great features that can help you find a collaboration opportunity with another influencer.

To wrap up:

As a brand owner, don’t be afraid to reach out to YouTubers to help you promote your business. After all, most YouTube stars these days make great money doing sponsored videos. That means you should have no issues getting YouTubers to collaborate with you after you follow our advice. We hope that these tips and ideas help you to find a YouTube partner for collaboration videos. And as always, keep it up.

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