January 27, 2022

How to monetize TikTok in 2022

How to monetize TikTok in 2022

TikTok’s so powerful in the sense that its content gets trendy and you can get a solid audience with consistent publishing. So, if you’re already making some blazing content there and haven’t started making some TikTok cash, this article is just the thing for you! The secret of TikTok Monetization that will help you get that TikTok money is quite simple; just follow the tips we got for you in this article, and we’ll be showing you how to Monetize TikTok and earn TikTok cash.

Here are 6 ways to get TikTok Monetization

  1. Join the TikTok Creator Fund

If you have a great following on Tiktok and you want to Make money on TikTok, you can apply to join the Tiktok creator fund. It’s like Google Adsense for YouTubers and Bloggers.

Once you’re accepted into the program, your TikTok monetization journey starts and some TikTok cash will soon be in your pocket.

The first steps to how to monetize TikTok that you need to complete are the following:

  • You need to be at least 18 years old
  • You must be based in the united states, UK, France, Italy, Spain, or Germany
  • You need to have at least 10k followers
  • You must have at least 100k views in the last 30 days
  • You must adhere to the TikTok community guidelines

But if you don’t meet all or any of these requirements, worry not; we still got more below.

  1.  Partner with influencers and brands in the TikTok creator marketplace

One of the simplest ways to get TikTok Monetization is through TikTok’s creator marketplace. The creator marketplace helps connect TikTok influencers with the right brands, which can make partnerships a lot easier for both influencers and brands.

This marketplace basically acts as an agency for influencers, and it helps ease some of the awkwardness when approaching brands for achieving TikTok monetization.

Producing content strategically will help you grow your TikTok account, thus attracting brands who may need your service in their marketing strategy. And this will make it a lot more manageable to get better sponsors to help you get TikTok monetization and earn some TikTok money.

How to connect to brands and get partnership deals?

You can make this task a lot easier if you download Mysocial so you can get yourself an amazing Media Kit that will help you on your virtual success journey. A media kit is simply your influencer’s resume, and it includes all of your social media accounts’ statistics.

With Mysocial, you can even network with other content creators and get sponsors for Tiktok, Instagram, and any other media platform easily through our BrandOutreach feature.

Contact Sponsors with MySocial App's Brand Outreach Feature
  1.  Make some merch

Using TikTok as a platform to promote some merch that you can sell to your fans is a no-brainer Tiktok monetization technique. It doesn’t matter what kind of content you make, you can always convince your most loyal fans to invest in your career. 

Owning your own branded merch will give your fans a more personal connection to your work, and it will also allow you to make some great TitTok cash depending on how good your sales are.

But you can always avoid dealing with packing and shipping and any other related tasks by joining Amazon’s Print-On-Demand platform. You simply put a design out there and Amazon creates the product, ships it worldwide, and then gives you your share.

  1.  Create ads with the TikTok ads manager

Creating in-feed ads is one of the best ways to create organic marketing opportunities. Therefore, you might consider investing a bit in your TikTok page by creating your own in-feed ads using the TikTok ads manager.

Better yet, TikTok’s ad manager has the ability to seamlessly connect to Shopify.

All this means that you can make a Shopify store to promote your merch and make some good TikTok Money at the same time.

  1.  Use Crowdfunding to collect donations

Even though crowdfunding can seem like a slightly pushy way to make some TikTok money, it can still be incorporated with a bit of caution. The main thing you have to do with your crowdfunding campaign is to not seem fake with your intentions.

Crowdfunding can take up many forms; it really just depends on what kind of funding you are seeking. For instance, you could rally up your followers by using fundraising events so they can donate the funds to your startup project.

Here are some of our suggestions for the best crowdfunding sites :

  1.  Offer fan subscriptions

If you’re looking to secure a more regular stream of income, you need to consider using a creator-based subscription platform, such as Patreon for instance.

These subscription-based services work great for content creators because of the low cost of individual subscription prices that can be as low as 1 dollar a month. So, if you have some dedicated fans, those dollars will start to pile up and earn you a great amount of TikTok sourced cash.

Here are some of our best advice for you to best utilize subscription-based services:

  • Be transparent
  • Entice your fans with good rewards
  • Keep subscription costs low
  • Create new exclusive content consistently
  • Thank your supporters directly

To wrap up

We all know that time is money, and making more of it from your craft grants you more time to create great art. A social media creator is more than just an artist, and all of you deserve to make a decent living for sharing your artistic endeavors. We hope that our guide brings you more success in the world of TikTok, and as always, keep it up!