March 6, 2022

New Social Media Statistics & What They Tell Us about the Future!

New Social Media Statistics & What They Tell Us about the Future!

The vast majority of the world uses social media as part of their daily routine. In fact, over 3.6 billion people were reported to use social media in 2020!

As an influencer, you should be wary of several important stats because they will show you which platforms are ideal for your type of content; thus helping grow your income in the future. This post will discuss some of these stats, so you can have a clear idea about which platform is worth investing your time and effort in.

Requiem for the Facebook Dream?

Social media would not be the same today without the genius dealings of Mark Zuckerberg.

However, the popularity and relevance of Facebook have been on a steep decline. Especially after its data protection scandal with Cambridge Analytica.

But this decline is due to many more factors, including the following:

  1.  Users migration

For the first time since its launch, Facebook is seeing its biggest user exodus of all time!

It lost over half a million of its users just in the 4th quarter of 2021 alone… This might not sound like much of an impact when you consider that Facebook has over 1.9 billion daily users.

However, this loss of users is a bad sign for a metrics-driven platform like Facebook. Especially since its younger users are migrating to rival companies like TikTok.

Facebook is slowly turning into a ghost town now due to this user migration: over 70% of Facebook pages are inactive!

  1.  Facebook fans are aging

About 70% of the adult population in the U.S uses Facebook. Yet, only 28% of those users are between the ages of 13-24. This leaves us with a staggering 72% of users that are over 25 years old.

Worst yet is that about 41% out of that 72% is fully composed of users that are over the age of 35!

This implies that if your content targets younger audiences, you will have a hard time building your page on Facebook.

  1.  Ad revenue has taken a big hit

It’s undeniable that Facebook generates a huge amount of ad revenue & is one of the best platforms on the internet in terms of marketing ROI. This, of course, is thanks to its huge big data reservoir & how it helps big corporations reach their audience with massive accuracy.

But since the start of the pandemic, Facebook recorded a historic loss of 15.9% in ad revenue compared to 2019 and earlier.

What has tightened the robe more is Apple’s iOS privacy update that prevents Facebook from tracking users’ behavior outside its app. Facebook reported that this caused the company a $10B loss & will cost advertisers more.

Rumors say Google will do just like Apple & will build a new Android version where off-app tracking is impossible without users’ consent! That’s an even bigger cloud darkening Facebook’s horizons.

  1.  Meta is useless

At first glance, the concept of Meta sounds very innovative and refreshing, especially because a nearly obsolete platform like Facebook is in real need of a rebrand.

However, the introduction of the Metaverse to the digital world has been met with almost no interest from investors. This lack of interest from investors is shown by a huge loss in the stock market value of Meta, as their stock prices have plummeted by more than 20%!

These stats mean that the Metaverse is not worth your time or effort as a content creator due to its lack of interest from investors & audience alike; at least not yet!

Speaking of Facebook, I wonder what Mark Zuckerberg’s other platform is doing?

Instagram is the way to go!

Even though Facebook has more users, Instagram remains a much more relevant platform in comparison.

Instagram’s popular due to many factors, such as:

  1.  Younger audience

The average age of an Instagram user in the U.S is only 35 years old compared to Facebook’s 40.5.

So, as opposed to Facebook, Instagram is not just a graveyard of a platform (at least not yet, again).

That’s proven by the fact that only 59% of Instagram users are adults. And that also implies that Instagram is much more modern than Facebook & is better suited towards Gen Zers.

  1.  Much more engaged audience

The average engagement rate among Instagram users is one of the highest on all social media platforms.

Over 73% of Instagram users between the ages of 18-29 say that they check on their feed at least once a day. Top this with: over 53% of this same demographic say that they use Instagram several times a day.

In terms of older users, over 59% of Instagramers over the age of 29 say that they use the platform at least once a day, and over 38% of that same category of users say they use it multiple times a day.

Accordingly, Instagram is a much better app for fresh influencers when it comes to overall engagement rates from the audience!

  1.  You are more likely to get sponsored on Instagram

Instagram is a very popular site for businesses and brands. According to Instagram Business, over 90% of their users follow at least one business. And 87% of users claim that an influencer they follow has inspired them to buy a product they (influencers) reviewed.

This proves that Instagram is a growing hub for brands to find influencer marketing opportunities.

Also, according to eMarketer, over 11% of Instagram users in the U.S have purchased a product on the platform. And over half of Instagram users across all age demographics claim they are more interested in products that are reviewed by influencers, compared to traditional advertising.

All of the aforementioned stats prove that sponsorship opportunities are flourishing on Instagram.

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TikTok could be the future

After Musically and Vine both folded, no one expected the resurgence of short-form video platforms to ever happen.

Until TikTok rose from the ashes!

TikTok appeared out of nowhere and managed to grow at an insane pace. It has quickly changed the social media game forever.

As an influencer, you should be using the popularity of TikTok to your advantage for the following reasons:

  1.  TikTok is the fastest growing platform OF ALL TIME!

In its first year alone, TikTok gained over 500 MILLION active users. That stat alone is indicative of the platform’s incredibly insane and unprecedented success.

As of September 2021, TikTok has amassed over 1 billion users. This stat is made even more impressive when you keep in mind that TikTok was launched just in 2017.

More impressive stats? TikTok was the most downloaded social media platform of 2020 with over 850 million installs; more than the likes of Facebook and Instagram!

With that in mind, it is fair to assume that TikTok is taking over the future of social media for the upcoming years.

  1.  TikTok is Gen Zers’ heaven

TikTok is the only social media platform that is dominated by Gen-Z. Over 63% of users are under the age of 29, and 28% out of that number is made up of users under the age of 18.

This means that TikTok is a platform that is catered towards the future, and will only continue to grow in the coming years.

  1.  TikTok is an engagement frenzy

The main reason why TikTok is so popular is due to how addictive its user interface is. TikTok is a very fast-paced app. Once you log in you are immediately met with a video, and once you watch the first one there’s no going back…

The engaging nature of TikTok content is clear in the fact that a user spends on average 89 minutes on the app per day! Also, according to Music Business Worldwide, the average TikTok user opens the app at least 19 times per day. 

The stats above should be enough reason for any influencer to start creating content on TikTok due to how successful and popular it truly is.


Social media are continuing their rapid rise as the most popular internet platforms. As some are more popular than others, you as an influencer should devote your efforts to platforms that are convenient for your content. So, which one is it? And when will you create the next piece of content?